Vocabulary refers to:  a student’s ability to recognize and understand the meanings of words. Oral vocabulary refers to the words that a student recognizes and uses while speaking or listening. A student’s reading vocabulary includes the words that they recognize and understand when reading. A student’s writing vocabulary includes the words that he/she uses when expressing ideas through written material.  Vocabulary is an important part of reading comprehension. 

A student may be struggling in this area if:  

  • The student scores low in the areas of  vocabulary and/or comprehension on I-Ready or another benchmarking assessment. 
  • The student may be able to read the words, but struggles with understanding the meaning.
  • The student may be unable to describe or answer questions about material he/she has read. 
  • The student misuses words when speaking or writing. 
  • The student seems to use the same words over and over when writing. He/she struggles to vary sentences and use grade-level words.